Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers

Please note that the below Frequently Asked Questions are prepared to help Devotees and Tourists to understand more on the temple and its function. The temple has all the rights to amend the FAQ’s and impose new rules and regulations as on when it is needed and without notice to anyone.

General FAQ’s

1.What is the Worshipping Hours?

Between 8.00 AM to 12.00 noon and 5.30 PM to 8.30 PM Take note that on Special Days and Ocassions like monthly Karthigai, and ThaiPusam etc., the sanctum opening hours might differ.

2.Do we need to pay for a prayer?

There is no fee to offer a prayer. Those who are interested in getting a Fruit or Coconut Archanai (chanting of Manthra in your name), please get a ticket from the temple office by paying small sum of either RM1 or RM2 .

3.Can we break coconuts?

Coconuts can be purchased from the temple and devotees can break the coconuts in the box kept in front ‘Ganesha’ deity and “Idiumbun’ deity Strictly no breaking of coconuts in any of the other area of the temple.

4. Can we bring our own Deepam (lamp)?

Yes. You can bring your own Deepam and light up in the temple premises. But it is advisable to buy Deepam package(s) from the temple office and offer.

5. Can I offer flowers for Poojas?

Yes. You can bring flowers from outside. Temple does not sell flowers.

6. Can I make pragarams (circle around the sanctum) with in the temple premises?

Yes. You can do this as you wish.

7. Can I meditate inside the temple?

Yes. You can meditate within the free space of temple premises.

FAQ’s for Tourists

8. Can anyone enter the temple?

Yes, People of any race and religion can enter the temple. But no one should enter the main Sanctum Sanctorum except the Priests.

9. Can anyone make a prayer?

A devotee who has the faith in Hinduism can offer his/her prayer.

10. Do we need to pay to enter the temple?

No. Entrance is free to devotees as well to visitors and tourists.

11. Should I remove my Footwear before entering the temple?

Yes. You have to remove your footwear before entering the temple’s main tower. But you are allowed to wear socks.

12. Is there any restriction in dressing Code?

Indian Sarees, Dhoties, Pant, Shirt, T-Shirt and Skirts are allowed. Mini Skirts and Sexy Dress code is not permitted and generally to be avoided. Smoking is NOT ALLOWED within the vicinity of temple at all times.

13. Is photography allowed?

Yes. But without touching deities and statues. Modest behavior is very important and funny posing is strictly not allowed.

14. How to make donations?

Donations are accepted, please request for a receipt, when donations are handed to the administrative staff. Alternatively you can deposit in the donation box kept within the temple.

FAQ’s on Services and Facilities

15. I have bought a new Car? Can I offer prayer?

Yes. You can bring your car to the temple and offer prayer. A fee has to be paid to the temple and you can contact temple office for more information.

16. Does your temple offer Ear piercing for children?

No. We do not do Ear piercing.

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