Information for Visitors

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  • Please remove your footwear before entering the temple.
  • It is very important to dress appropriately and modestly. Shorts, Bermudas, T-shirts, Sleeve-less blouses and other overly casual clothing should be completely avoided. Clothes should always be modest. For most situations, legs and upper arms should be covered. For women, long skirts are often preferable to pants.
  • Do not touch the idols of the deities in the temple.
  • If you wish, you may bring flowers or fruits as an offering to our temple.
  • You may offer small donations slipped into a donation box (Undiyal) provided; but not required.
  • Do not burn Camphor anywhere in the temple premises. Place the “Nei Dheepam” lights only on the tables provided and nowhere else.
  • Don’t litter within the temple.
  • Avoid smoking, public displays of affection, loud talking, boisterous laughter, physical contact. Be mindful of body language, especially around members of the opposite sex.
  • For Ladies: Please keep away from the temple during the monthly period.
  • It will be appreciated if you would maintain silence all the time when you are inside the temple.
  • You may take photographs inside the temple premises and the statues on the pillars but, not the main Sanctum.

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