Trust and Kittangis

Waterfall temple,Kovil Veedu,Kandasamy Temple and the Sivan temple are managed by Registered Trustees Nattukottai Chettiars temples, Penang, Malaysia.

There are Three(3) “KITTANGIS” (Chettiar business premises) in Penang, and the members within these “kittangis” take turns to become responsible managers of the temples. They appoint a President and a Secretary annually by turn and the President takes charge of the Sivan temple while the Secretary takes charge of the Waterfall temple. The turns are decided on a rotation basis of the “kittangis”. Each Kittangi is represented by Two trustees.

Decisions are taken unanimously by the trustees and the members of the trust. There is never the practice of majority rule. Differences of opinions will be resolved with the help of an elder or a neutral person of the community. This has helped to maintain unity among the community. The decisions are then implemented by those appointed as responsible for the day-to-day functions of these temples. The Trust members usually set aside a portion of their profits, known as “MAGAMAI” and donate this sum to the trust which is responsible for the day-to-day management. The expenses of the temple are managed with a combination of the Magamai,, revenue from temple properties and interest earned from fixed deposits of the temple funds. The temple trustees do not accept donation from individuals or government.

The expenses are usually kept within the income, and stringent measures are taken to maintain accounts for all incomes and expenditure. These include an appointment of an auditor.

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